Anabolic Muscle Builder

Typical Nutritional Content Per 100g





of which total sugar

Not Declared



Serving Size


Independant Analysis
(Protein content per 100g)

Tested By Funded By Date Tested Analysed Protein Content Official Lab Test Result
University of Pretoria Dis-Chem 31 Oct 15 32.1g Click to view PDF


Package Size Retailer Price Location Last Updated
1,000g Game E-Retailer R179.00 National 14 Jan 17
1,000g Makro E-Retailer R179.00 National 24 Jan 17
1,000g Chrome Supplements & Accessories E-Retailer R179.00 National 24 Jan 17
1,000g takealot E-Retailer R184.00 National 19 Jan 17
1,000g Juniva E-Retailer R203.00 National 27 Jan 17
2,000g Chrome Supplements & Accessories E-Retailer R319.00 National 24 Jan 17
2,000g Supplement World E-Retailer R329.00 National 26 Jan 17
2,000g takealot E-Retailer R352.00 National 19 Jan 17
2,000g Juniva E-Retailer R389.00 National 27 Jan 17
4,000g Supplement World E-Retailer R549.00 National 26 Jan 17
4,000g Chrome Supplements & Accessories E-Retailer R559.00 National 24 Jan 17
4,000g Makro - Kabega R569.00 Port Elizabeth 07 Oct 16
4,000g Makro E-Retailer R569.00 National 24 Jan 17
4,000g Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Newton Park R599.95 Port Elizabeth 07 Oct 16
4,000g takealot E-Retailer R647.00 National 19 Jan 17
4,000g Juniva E-Retailer R714.00 National 27 Jan 17

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