Founded in 2016, SUPPSLAB is a startup aimed at providing consumers with nutritional supplement related information coupled with pricing guides.

Started by two cousins in economically trying times, there was a need to find the best value for money when it came to buying nutritional supplements, in particular protein supplements. They had the need to evaluate and compare most of the available supplements on the South African market to make an informed decision.

After spending many weeks collecting and analysing information, they came up with some interesting results.

"I've always heard people asking what is the cheapest and best supplements to buy, and now that we know, why not share it with others" - Grant.

...and thus SUPPSLAB was established.



Providing a one-stop location where the most popular brands of protein powders can be compared by price, protein content and user based reviews. Following an informed decision, the ability to make purchases through our online store.


We strive to provide users with up-to-date and accurate information so that informed decisions can be made when purchasing nutritional supplements.

Goals & Objectives

Through a structured and step-by-step rollout process, we plan to acheive and steadily grow each aspect of our vision and expanding where possible. Each month we plan to release new features and information to empower consumers.