Supplier Portal

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Posted on 13 Feb 2017 at 12:23

Supplier Portal

Now you have the power to promote your products with minimal effort - Our Supplier Portal gives you the ability to update your store's prices displayed on our website.

Our supplier portal has been launched.

If you have a physical store and wish to have your product prices displayed and promoted on our website, contact us to find out more.

Our portal proivides the ability to update individual product prices AND individual promotional prices, including setting a promotional expiry date.

Promotional prices will be displayed on our promotions page as well as various other pages through out the website. Regular (non-promotional) prices will also be displayed on various pages through out the website.

FEATURE - We are working on a store-specific set of web pages, where a list of stores including its products and prices can be seen. For convenience of the consumer and benefit of the supplier, stores will be listed in order of distance from the consumers current location, the nearest store being first in the list. ***Consumers should bear in mind that even though the prices of a store nearest them may be slightly more expensive, after the cost of travelling to the cheapest store is taken into account, the saving is likely to have been lost. Convenience of the nearer store is also an important factor.

Send us a request via our online submission form on our CONTACT page, alternatively email to

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